Who are we?

Higherthan digital marketing is based in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre. We have over 5 years’ experience in the digital marketing sector, we offer our services both on a local and national level. Higherthan has helped our clients improve in all aspects of digital marketing, with so many online marketing changes these days’ websites need to be more responsive to mobile and tablet devices, as well as keeping up to date with Pageload speed and many other ranking factors. Higherthan also offer search engine optimisation (SEO) tutorials, we could come to your business and do a tutorial offering tips and advice on the latest SEO techniques, and teach the basics of search engine optimisation.

What to Expect

At Higherthan we believe every campaign is unique. Website optimization is imperative due to the increase use of mobile devices. Higherthan performs a full website audit at the start of every campaign; we also carry out a full link audit which examines the deep links and internal linking structure within a website. Once we have finished both audits and informed you of any areas that need looked at, we then agree a strategy moving forward and plan that out over the coming months. Why not take advantage of our free SEO audit followed by another free hour consultation, and let us try and help to improve your website and overall presence online.

Link Recovery Programme

Gone are the days of heavy link building, we all know that now but not everyone has recovered from previous link penalties imposed by Google. These updates are better known as the Penguin updates. This update was originally released in April 2012 and has developed since then, a clean link profile is important to ensuring that you don’t suffer a drop in rankings, and also avoid any future link penalties. Higherthan provide an affordable link removal service, our team is specifically trained to perform link audits and devise a recovery strategy. Our team highlight any spammy links that offer little or no added value to the user. In most cases these links have to be removed by contacting webmasters and asking for the links to be removed as well as disavowing the ones that cannot be removed.

Content is still King

Content marketing has thrived in recent years. Google is attempting to clean up the web by rewarding high quality content whilst penalising low quality content, Google have signals which detect if something has been written well and can even pick up when content has spelling or grammar mistakes. They can detect if the language is biased or slanting towards one point of view. These are just a handful of methods Google uses to detect the standard of any content. We have our very own content marketing team who are skilled writers and can write to suit a particular business sector.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can benefit most businesses out there as it helps promote products, services, and most importantly your Brand. Facebook and Twitter have millions of users visiting their sites on a daily basis; these platforms are great for reaching big audiences and building up online Brand awareness. Customer queries can also be taken care of over Facebook and Twitter; a happy customer might share or retweet your posts. Social media is playing a bigger role in digital marketing more than ever before.

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